Bright Beginnings Foundation has recently received the most amazing news! The KEATCA Foundation has committed to help us provide our first all-in scholarship this year! This is, at least in part, why we are feeling the urgency to increase our efforts. This awesome gift will help us with one student but BBF is looking forward to helping more that just one student. Because of this, we have embarked on our most ambitious project ever.

We all know the issue of poverty and its effect on our society. We see its consequences on our economy, our health care system and our crime rate. There has been much research, discussion, hand-wringing and outrage surrounding the matter. Meanwhile, those who live with daily financial struggles are not being helped enough in tangible and lasting ways.

The BBF directors believe it is time to act and realize that it is everyone’s responsibility to help alleviate poverty for these people in our community. We also understand that poverty is a non-partisan issue. BBF is actively inviting participation from all of the major BC political parties, Faith group leaders, business owners, front-line workers, Surrey School Board, District Advisory Council, trades and professional unions. We welcome input from all organizations and individuals wishing to have a positive impact on the lives of Surrey students. We have received some very positive feedback from the many we have approached. We are buoyed by the fact that when we work together we are better able to support vulnerable children and their families.

This coalition will meet at an event entitled Working Together for a Bright Future on Thursday, February 15th, 2018. Karen has invited a keynote speaker (T.B.A.), two or three “authentic voice” speakers and student entertainers. There will also be a silent auction, a raffle and dinner. Please keep the date free because you are invited to join us. More details will be announced as we get closer to the big date.

In addition to everything, Stephanie has been working on our annual GivingTuesday campaign. Most people know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now we have GivingTuesday, which is a global movement for giving and volunteering and takes place each year after Black Friday. The “opening day of the giving season” is a time when charities, companies and individuals join together and rally for favourite causes. In the same way that retailers take part in Black Friday, the giving community has come together for GivingTuesday. The idea is to showcase the impact we can have when we all work together in the name of social good. This year the campaign culminates on November 28th , 2017. Stephanie’s campaign will include a Facebook profile, #UNselfie posts, etc. Jane, the newest member of the BBF team, is helping with a Twitter campaign.

Meanwhile, Sylvia is actively searching for answers from the new BC government to questions about poverty reduction. For example: Is there any new legislation coming that will make post-secondary more accessible and affordable? If so, how will that new legislation affect BBF’s gift to students? Where does the new BC government stand on the “clawback” issue? By addressing these issues Bright Beginnings Foundation is actively working for Social Justice and Charity.

The BBF directors are working flat out to make all of this happen and now we need you. These are some ways we could use your help.

  1. When you see a Facebook or Twitter GivingTuesday post please share it widely with friends and family.
  2. When you share a post it is always is more eye-catching and meaningful if you add a short note of support for BBF. Your friends and family all trust your word.
  3. Post an #unSelfie of yourself. I was the only one last year. It was awfully lonely out there. 😉
  4. Don’t forget to make a donation yourself to our GivingTuesday campaign.
  5. Working Together for a Bright Future is on Thursday, February 15th. When you receive your formal invitation please RSVP sooner than later. We need to plan for catering purposes.
  6. Do you have any goods or services you could provide for the silent auction? If so, please email me at
  7. Do you know of anyone who wishes to have a positive impact on the lives of Surrey students? Do you know anyone that I should be contacting who may be interested in joining our coalition? Please email me (see above).




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