How to Apply

Scholarship applications must be submitted to the student’s secondary school for approval. All applications must be endorsed by the secondary school and a letter nominating the student must be attached to the application. The BBF will accept a maximum of two applications per school. All applications must be received by mail or online no later than February 25th. The BBF Selection Committee will review all applications and select a short-list of candidates to interview.  Candidates will be contacted by phone to set up an interview time. At the interview, please bring an official document (e.g. family income tax statement, evidence of previous government assistance) verifying that without BBF’s support you would not have the means to attend a post-secondary institution.


Final selections will be made after all interviews have been completed and communicated to applicants as soon as possible. Scholarships awarded will be conditional on the student being accepted into the post-secondary institution specified on their application form.


When applying for the Bright Beginnings Foundation scholarship, please submit:

  1. Complete application form
  2. Two reference letters, one letter should be from a teacher or faculty member of the school you currently attend. In the letter, the person must verify the following:
  • You require financial assistance to be able to attend a post-secondary institution
  • You have the ability academically and emotionally to succeed in a post-secondary educational environment
  • You demonstrate the tenacity to achieve your goals
  • They believe you will be a contributing member of society once you have achieved your educational goals
  1. Official transcript of Grade 12
  2. Current photograph
  3. Letter from your secondary school stating that you are one of two students nominated to apply for the Bright Beginnings Foundation from your school


Please submit online or mail application to:


Bright Beginnings Foundation

c/o BBF Administrator

8214 Vivaldi Place

Vancouver, BC V5S 4G6