Financial Support Details

  • At the beginning of each semester BBF will provide the cost of tuition, public transit pass, text books and other education materials.
  • The BBF will pay the institution directly for the costs of tuition and transit pass
  • Students must submit receipts for text books and educational materials for reimbursement by BBF.
  • Some living expenses may be subsidized and will be based on individual needs
  • Tuition fees reimbursed will reflect those of British Columbia’s public universities, colleges and trade schools and BBF will set the level of tuition funding to match the requirements of the institution chosen. Master or Doctoral programs are not eligible for scholarship reimbursement
  • Funding will be reassessed yearly and may be extended up to four (4) consecutive years from the start of the initial semester. Students are expected to begin their post-secondary education in September of the same year they are awarded the scholarship. Any exception requires pre-approval by the BBF Selection Committee
  • Scholarships are for consecutive school years and cannot be deferred from one year to the next without prior written permission from the BBF
  • Students must take a minimum of four (4) courses per semester, unless prior- approval by the BBF Selection Committee is granted prior to the start of that particular semester. (Exception is made for the summer semesters when there is no minimum requirement)
  • To continue with the scholarship program, students must obtain passing grades in a minimum of three (3) courses per semester. If a student takes more than four (4) courses per semester, they must not fail more than one (1) course to remain with the program. A withdrawal from a course after the schools deadline is considered a fail.
  • At the completion of each semester or reporting period, and in a timely manner the student will provide the BBF with a copy of their transcript and a short summary of their progress.
  • Students agree to allow their history to be used by BBF and it’s funding partners to help in fund-raising activities with the understanding that their identity will be kept private so that the history remains anonymous.
  • Students agree to, sometime in their future, fund a non-related person in furthering his or her post-secondary education either personally or by donating to the BBF